Stretchy Wraps and Carriers

Stretchy wraps and carriers are the first slings for many families.  They are often used at hospitals to aid skin to skin contact for premature infants and are ideal for newborns transitioning from the womb to being outside in the world.  Stretchy slings provide great comfort and flexibility for the wearer as they can fit all shapes and sizes.  They are perfect for young infants, and great for parents throughout the day as they can be left on so baby can go in and out without having to re-wrap (small adjustments may be needed).

As babies grow, they may become too heavy for the stretch, and that would be when you might need to move on to one of the other types of carriers available.

A stretchy wrap is one long piece of stretchy fabric which is tied (we can show you how) so that baby is held in a front carry facing the wearer.  There are also some stretchy carriers that do not need to be tied and use rings to tighten instead of knots.  We carry both styles, so do ask to compare them and find out what works best for you.

  • Snugiwrap-Purple
    Stretchy Wrap – SnugiWrap
  • Stretchy Carrier – Close Caboo Lite/NCT
  • Stretchy Carrier – Close Caboo + Cotton Blend
  • Stretchy Wraps – Boba
  • Stretchy Wraps - Kangawrap
  • Stretchy Wraps – Je Porte Mon Bebe
  • Stretchy Wrap - Joy & Joe Stretchy