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Lactation Consultants Lyn, Phil and Karen

Lyn, Phil and Karen

If you are looking for confidential breastfeeding help and information then please get in touch.

Our team of experienced Breastfeeding Counsellors and Lactation Consultants have helped thousands of mothers and babies breastfeed.

We can help you with both common and not-so common breastfeeding problems.

Even if you just need some reassurance, we can offer you time to work through all the conflicting information that often comes with a baby, and help you find the right way forward for your family.

We offer antenatal and postnatal consultations.

A memeber of our team can visit you at home or you can book an appointment with one of our Lactation Consultants at a convenient location.

Home visits cost £100 for the first 90 minutes and £30 per half hour after, including further visits.

£55 for a 45 minute one to one consultation at one of our community locations.

Lactation Consultants Lyn, Phil and Karen make up our core team. For more information about the team click here.

Contact by calling 0300 302 1330 or emailing info@psbreastfeeding.co.uk or using the form below.