What PSBreastfeeding Specialists Do

Lactation Consultants and Certified Breastfeeding Counsellors have had additional training to support the breastfeeding family both during pregnancy and after baby comes.

During pregnancy we can explain the process of how milk is made and how to get things off to the best start. If you have had a difficult previous experience with breastfeeding we can help you through the debriefing process and help you put a plan in place to support a more positive experience this time.

If you have special needs due to a physical disability we can help with guiding you through how to adapt your environment to make breastfeeding more doable in your situation.

If you are a diabetic we can support you through collecting your colostrum and what to expect in the early days.

We can guide and support you through re-lactation and induced lactation. We work in partnership with your GP and health professional in these cases.

We are also experienced supporting families with chest feeding.

All members of our team are competent in oral exam and evaluating tongue function to identify Tongue Tie and can refer to the appropriate NHS services directly.